Welcome To The XRBee Project

The XRBee Project will be made up of several sections which will all connect together,

First is to educate people to be more vigulant & aware of the unique beauty of Bees and the rarity of some of the species,

There are over 20,000 different species all over the world.


Fun Fact

- Did you know that just in Britain there are around 270 species, and just under 250 of them are solitary bees??

Our project will incorporate education with the fun of our NFTs.

2% of all NFT sales will go to The Wildlife Trust.

We will also go through how you can do your bit to encourage different species into your garden.

What we have on offer so far

πŸ”Έ Education and guidance on how YOU can help to save our bees, whether you are here in Britain or abroad

πŸ†“ Invite competition to win QLB Tokens

πŸ†“ XRBee NFTs - 2 Series are ready to be minted, so stay tuned

πŸ†“ Giveaways = NFTs, QLBs & Honey Sticks, which can be saved up in your own wallet and swapped for QLB Tokens

Friendly rivalry Between 4 seperate colonies

NFT lotto - do YOU want to win a unique NFT, then join our monthly lotto

This is only the start, we have lots of other things happening in the background.

πŸ”—πŸ”—Come join us in Discord - Click Here